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Show customers what activities there are around you

When making a reservation, an essential factor in making a decision is the things you can do in the surrounding area.

These activities are what can make your accommodation stand out from the others, whether that’s a bar or restaurant around the corner, local shopping centres or outdoor events. You can showcase all of this with your chatbot.

Curate a list of popular activities, power-up your chatbot with local knowledge and it will show the exciting things people can do and help customers have a memorable stay.

The chatbot can even book your residents into those activities. You are making their stay more convenient, whilst adding a new revenue stream as an affiliate, adding extras to their bill or taking payments directly from the chatbot.

You can also understand what’s important to your customers.

When they ask your chatbot questions or search for a particular activity, you can make adjustments to make it ready for the next customer (and help you book more reservations!).

This continuous development to your chatbot ensures you are always keeping your customers up to date with the best information.