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eBay Integration

In case, for some mad reason, you don't know what eBay is, it's an auction site that allows anyone to buy and sell goods. Once you combine it with ubisend, you get the power of eBay in the form of simple conversation. Imagine that.

Talk to us

Ask for the best deals

Send a slack message when a product is almost out of stock

Alert customers when a new product comes out

Present a user with a list of products

Allow a user to leave a product review

Users can view their purchase history

Users most recently viewed items

Add a new payment method

Look at shopping cart

Edit your shopping cart

Update your account information

Direct a customer to a suitable product on your store

Provide detailed shipping information 24 hours a day

Provide delivery information on a purchase

Provide a quote for a bespoke order

Offer new customers introductory offers

Send a user a notification when their order has been shipped

Check the stock level of a certain product

Buy a product

Send an abandoned cart reminder

Subscribe to in stock reminders

Send in stock reminder

Send discount codes

Upsell. Upsell. Upsell

Cross-sell. Cross-sell. Cross-sell

Grow your mailing list

Start, renew, update, or cancel membership fee

Search for specific products

Take orders from customers on your social networks