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Allow your guests to manage their stay

Imagine a customer has just booked a room for a long weekend of relaxation. Excited by the trip, they want to start filling up their special time with some of the exciting activities your hotel has to offer.

Dinner in the restaurant. Treatment in the spa. Breakfast in bed. A theatre show. Wouldn't it be great if they could do that from the comfort of their room?

With a chatbot on the ubisend platform, they can do just that.

Integrate the platform with your booking system to show your customer the availability and allow them to book the dinner time that suits them. Integrate with your concierge management tool and enable them to leave the details of their preferred show.

The flexibility doesn't stop there. Whilst on their stay with you, they can use the chatbot to book wake-up calls, turn-down services and room service. You can even prompt them to review your stay and post them directly to your website or hotel rating service.