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Advise clients on nutrition guidelines and meal preparation

We all run out of inspiration when it comes to making dinner. A healthy inspiration that is.

To circumvent the temptation to run for their nearest fast-food, provide your clients with an easy-to-access, healthy ideas chatbot.

With ubisend, your chatbot can:

  • Connect to your private and anonymised client database to learn about each client's specific requirements.
  • Connect to a database (internal or external) of meal recommendations and recipes.
  • Recommend meal plans to your clients, mindful of their requirements and fitness goals.
  • Answer simple queries, e.g. how many calories are in a carrot (it's 41, by the way).

The key to this chatbot use case is the anonymity of the data. You want to provide your clients with as personalised recommendations as possible without breaching their trust.

Thanks to the ubisend platform's robust encryption services, this is not an issue. You can assist your clients in finding a healthy lifestyle, support them on their journey, and offer day-to-day advice without any risk.

Eventually, your chatbot can also connect to your client's favourite fitness tracking app. From there, it can recommend exercises, adjust the calorie intake for the next meal recommendation, and more!