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Help patients remember which medication they should be taking

As a medical professional, you have intimate knowledge of the dos a don'ts of medication. The cadence and prescription of specific medicines are essential.

Unfortunately, missing pills or taking the wrongs can have a severe effect.

To your patients, the nuances of what they can and cannot take and at what time are most likely lost. They don't have the knowledge you do.

To avoid disasters, you can use the ubisend platform to create a chatbot that will:

  • Take a patient's medical history into account by connecting to your patient database.
  • Advise patients on which medicine they need to take and when.
  • Send pictures of the pills to help them identify what they should take and send reminder texts and VoIP calls.
  • Even ask them to confirm they've taken them (and perhaps even automatically alert a next of kin if they don't respond).

And much more.

Thanks to this simple chatbot, your patients are now aware they can access key (sometimes life-changing) information without much work. There is no reason for them not to double-check the recommendation or forget what to take and when.

You may not always be available to answer all your patients' questions. With a simple chatbot, your patients can now help themselves; freeing your time in the process.