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Enable patients to book appointments

Booking appointments can often be a stressful and confusing experience for patients.

In addition, busy periods can mean that patients booking their appointment via a phone call will often have to wait long periods of time before they can even begin the booking process. Sometimes even resulting in ill patients not wanting to book appointments at all.

By leveraging chatbot technology, you remove the bottleneck of limited staff members being available and make medical correspondence more accessible to patients.

The result of this is that an unlimited number of people can have a near-instantaneous response to their appointment booking enquiry.

No need for manual intervention by admissions staff, thanks to unlimited conversational throughput provided by our scalable infrastructure.

Take the pressure off staff, prevent them from spending a large proportion of their time dealing with enquiries and allow them to focus on higher priority tasks.

And it's not just booking enquiries that can be automated: appointment reminders, follow up messages, and various other appointment-related information can be sent to patients by the chatbot.