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Aid your customer in choosing their next vehicle

Efficiently and seamlessly helping your customer to find the right vehicle will no doubt significantly increase chances of a sale.

There is no better way to achieve this than with a chatbot on the ubisend platform. Create a structured, but flexible, conversation flow to extract the information from your client, which will give you the best chance of providing them with the right vehicle for their needs.

With this information and direct integration with your stock system, CAP API, and rate books, the platform will do just that and present the options stylishly and intuitively.

Once your customer has found the right vehicle for them, your chatbot can take them through your quoting process. Either taking the customer through the whole sales process or entering their lead details into your CRM ready for a salesperson to follow up and complete the sale.

It's also incredibly simple to deploy your chatbot on the messaging channel of your customers choice. This might be a widget or embedded solution on your dealership's website, or perhaps social channels such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

Additionally, when using social channels, it's easy to drive traffic to your chatbot with targeted advertising.