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Help your customers understand and calculate their car loan options

To some of your clients, the car of their dreams is only accessible through a loan; a complex financial instrument. Explaining the way it works, the repayments, the size of each instalment, and the risk of taking a loan is difficult and time-consuming.

You don't always have the time to go through all the options. You also don't know your potential customers (and their financials) enough to make perfect recommendations.

Chances are this complex process, combined with having to rely on your recommendation, loses you some customers.

With ubisend, you can create a chatbot that will help your customers self-serve and understand their car loan options. After a simple fact-checking conversation, the chatbot can:

  • Connect to relevant financing sources to display the best suitable loan options.
  • Recommend loans based on the customer's situation.
  • Take the customer through the entire journey, from picking a loan to applying for it and getting it confirmed.

The goal of this chatbot is to provide an always-available resource for your customers. Instead of forcing them to have a back and forth with you, they can ask the chatbot.

Put your customers at ease with a simple car loan calculating chatbot.