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Automate the sale of flight tickets

Consumers are looking for a new way to get real-time customer service right from their phones. Chatbots give users a new way to interact with products and services, tapping into their emotions and personalities to achieve a better customer experience.

Buying a ticket is dull and full of definites. Exactly WHEN do you want to go WHEN do you want to come home and WHERE do you want to go.

"I don't know! I'm just browsing for lovely places to go on holiday!"

The new world means a user can say something like:

"I want to go somewhere hot within 5-6 hours flight time and in early October".

Bye bye forms. Hello (automated) conversations.

Instead of having many customer service operatives dealing with package enquiries, the chatbot handles it for you. Save your resources for the more complicated or high-value customer interactions and calls.