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Answer FAQs around bookings

Airlines have one of the largest pool of customers of any industry; keeping them up-to-date is one of the most important parts of customer service.

Flights are cancelled, delayed and postponed at any time and for many reasons. Supporting your customers is essential.

With the vast amount of customers, it is nearly impossible to handle all of their queries to a high standard at once and 24 hours a day. Often customers are left frustrated, ill-informed and let down.

Enter friendly, sentiment-aware chatbots.

Your chatbot is available 24/7, 365 and in any language. It's updating customers on their bookings, answering questions and triaging enquiries to the right team.

Your chatbot can handle 1000s of users at once. Your customer service team work on the more critical issues and have the time they need to look after complex problems. No more drowning in ringing phones and support tickets.

You can implement your chatbot on any channel. It is accessible to anyone, regardless if they are at home on their computer or at the airport on their phone.

They are safe in the knowledge your airline is looking after them, whenever they need it.