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Efficiently present customers with the products that suit them

Getting your potential customers to the products they need as quickly and efficiently as possible is paramount to a high conversion rate.

By plugging in your product catalogue to the ubisend platform and making your chatbot available on the channels your customers want them can aide this process.

You can define conversation flows using the conversation builder designed to extract the most pertinent information from your customers to make the product search as accurate as possible. The platform, using the answers from your customer's conversation, can then ask your product catalogue for the most appropriate products and intuitively return the results.

The chatbot can be deployed across multiple channels such as your website (in live-chat, embedded or full-page form) and social. This means your customers can surface your products using the apps they are most familiar with.

When the customer finds the product which suits their needs, why not allow them to complete the purchase there and then from the chat interface. This can be achieved by directly integrating the platform with your preferred payment processor.

The real beauty is, once these services are connected, the chatbot will always be up to date with changes to your product catalogue, so there is little maintenance in keeping your chatbot a key member of your sales team.