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Generate quality leads by asking contextual questions and scheduling meetings

Generating leads is, quite often, all about timing. Being there at the right time, with the right piece of content or offer, to the right person -- that is sometimes all that matters.

Timing, as it turns out, is a tough thing to improve upon. All you can really do, as a business, is put all the chances on your side for the timing to be right.

Then, when you do reach that perfect lead, you want to make sure you provide them with the most value.

With ubisend, you can create a chatbot that will generate high-quality leads by:

  • Being available 24/7 on your website and all social channels, available to answer any questions your prospects might have.
  • Interact with your prospects at key points during their browsing experience.
  • Escalate the interaction to capture more relevant details about your lead, to qualify it further and pass it on to an appropriate member of staff.
  • Book meetings with the right member of staff, automatically, as a simple conversation follow-up.

As your chatbot interacts with your prospect, it pulls information from its knowledge database to upsell, cross-sell, and warm your lead up.

Timing cannot always be on your side. But when it is, the right chatbot automation can ensure you do not miss an incredible opportunity.

Put all the chances on your side with a lead generation chatbot.