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Create sales-ready leads directly from your chatbot

Feel like you're not engaging with website visitors? Losing them after only a few seconds on your homepage? If your answer to either of those questions is yes, this is where a chatbot can help.

Your sales chatbot engages customers and guides them through your sales process.

It creates meaningful conversations, offers personalised product recommendations and complimentary content and products. All the while, it is gently learning about them and their needs and moving them down your funnel.

The chatbot can connect to calendars to organise and book meetings with your sales team, ask qualifying questions and understand search patterns to recognise needs.

The chatbot matches your brand; it isn't out of place and doesn't put off the user.

With a fully integrated live-chat at no extra cost, you may even want to trial supporting users and answering their pre-sale questions in real-time.

All of the information your chatbot receives is displayed in your custom dashboard, giving you deep insight into your customers wants and needs and chatbot ROI.