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Microsoft Exchange Integration

Connect ubisend to Microsoft Exchange to seamlessly notify staff, and consumers about events and things the chatbot is doing.

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Send an email when a new sales comes in

Send an email when someone submits a holiday request

Alert a line manager when a subordinate requests time off

Send an email to a group inbox when an employee requests help from HR

Send an email to a group inbox when a customer requests help from customer service

Send an email to a group inbox when a user becomes a lead

Turn a chatbot on when a service rep's out-of-office is on

Notify a user when someone falls back to human

Create reports from the chatbot to send out to management

Leave a message with HR

Create a daily summary of your schedule

Create reminders to be sent via email

Send yourself summaries of the employee you're meeting beforehand

Send yourself sickness reports for the week

Find those 'lost' emails

Unsubscribe from newsletters