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Help candidates prepare for an interview at your company

One of the most important things for a recruitment team is ensuring that the candidates are well prepared for an interview.

Preparing candidates can be a long and laborious task. Relying on a candidate to do their research, book in a with pre-call them, answer questions, organise interview times and much more.

With your recruitment chatbot, you can ensure your candidates are more prepared than ever.

The chatbot is full of content around the business, FAQs about the role and company, and ensuring that the candidate has all the resources they need to interview confidently.

Going further, a ubisend chatbot could, if you want, book candidates in to speak with you before their interview or book them in for the interview itself.

Integrate your calendar and have candidates’ book in a time slot on your terms, avoiding the dreaded back and forth on email to organise a time.

You can also integrate ubisend into your email, website, ATS, and so much more.