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Automate the process of filtering candidates

Recruiting new talent is a time consuming and often frustrating task. Sifting through candidates for those who meet your requirements can be the most lengthy part of the process.

Why not use a ubisend chatbot to help ease the burden? By integrating with your recruitment software, the ubisend platform can be aware of the jobs you have available and allow candidates to start an application.

You can then create a conversation flow designed to ask candidates for the most pertinent information you need to decide as to whether they should make the interview phase.

You can even allow the answers to these questions to be scored and allowing only those candidates making the cut to be passed back to you in your recruitment software, ready for you to arrange an interview. Your chatbot could even handle this stage for you!

Of course, once the chatbot is integrated with your systems, it will always be aware of the latest roles available, and so the only input you need is when tweaking your scoring algorithms.

Suppose you have more than one department recruiting at the same time, no problem! The ubisend platform is structured for this exact use case. Once the integration is in place, invite your colleagues to manage their recruitment needs too.