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Recruitment Chatbot

Save time and resources by automating the early stages of your hiring process. Your recruitment chatbot helps you find more qualified hires and put them faster into their role.
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ubisend hr robot
We have 14 lorry driver positions available. Would you like to apply?
Great, I will need to ask you a few questions. Do you have a valid HGV license?
Yes, category C.
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Features & benefits of a recruitment chatbot

Save time and resources, across the board

Your recruitment chatbot primarly handles the early stages of the hiring process, such as candidate screening, qualifying, setting up interviews, etc.
Doing so, it saves time for both the recruiter and the candidates. On average, a recruitment chatbot saves 2.4hrs per hire. It also places candidates into their job 70% faster, generating value for the business earlier.
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Create an excellent candidate experience

Chatbots have shown to improve the candidate experience by providing instant feedback on their application, answering questions in real-time, and speeding up the process.
Improve response rates, reach out to candidates faster, and make the entire experience more enjoyable while saving on resources.
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