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HR Chatbot Revolutionises Employee Onboarding

Our client is a global pharmaceutical company with over 5,700 employees spanning across 30 countries.

Naturally, a growing company of such scale sees a high number of new starters and staff transitioning to new roles.

Every new starter, or staff member changing roles, required management to follow a complex and lengthy onboarding process. New contract details had to be processed using a single Sharepoint based form.

This form was an admin nightmare. Specific contract grades, employee locations, and many, many more variables all increasing the length and complexity of the form.

Our client identified this process was negatively impacting their new starters’ first days at the company, eating up management resources and slowing down HR. Every hour spent processing this information caused a ripple effect across the company's productivity.

Future-proofing a complex workflow

Not only was our client dealing with an extremely complex onboarding form, but the form itself was also ever-evolving. For example, new variables are regularly added as the company grows.

A ‘plug-and-play’ style solution that tried to force our client down a particular path wouldn't cut it. They needed a tool that was powerful enough to automate their evolving process whilst handling the complex data processing. It also needed to be easily adaptable, so they wouldn’t have to procure a different piece of software every year.

It was clear our client needed a chatbot. After careful consideration, ubisend came out on top as the only chatbot platform that would give them the scale and flexibility they required.

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Goodbye repetitive, hello automation

The project was kicked off by our client passing an incredibly detailed flow diagram to our tech team. This diagram detailed every step of the form, every possible outcome, every branch, and every variable.

Diagram in hand, we fired up ubisend’s process mapping tool. Utilising the unlimited nature of ubisend (build conversations as complex as you need, with no restrictions), we turned their existing form into an automated conversational workflow.

Every step our client had to manually take, we automated into a simple conversation.

With the workflow replicated exactly, we made sure the right information was present at the right time. Salary brackets, bonus options, location reference numbers, and more; every piece of data has a place in the conversation.

HR chatbot employee onboarding process

Using ubisend’s native spreadsheet integration, we connected to our client’s master spreadsheet. This enabled their chatbot to always have the right information on hand, regardless of the step the user was on.

Better yet, if any information changes (such as a change in employee benefits), our client only needs to update the spreadsheet.

Working in tandem, we automated a huge part of their day-to-day. We ensured each step matched their current processes, to reduce the need for change management.

A challenge was identified and quickly solved, paving the way for an easier future.

Making management’s life easier with foolproof tracing

For auditing purposes, data processed would be passed to a management team for final sign off. Rather than spending hours manually collecting the data, management now only had to spend a few minutes ensuring everything was in order.

So that each submission could be efficiently cross-checked, we attached a unique identification number to every completed submission.

HR chatbot provides clear employee tracing

Using ubisend’s built-in email functionality, the chatbot autonomously emails relevant management staff when a form is completed, ready for their final review.

Our client went from manually collecting complex data to simply receiving an email when everything was done and dusted.

An even faster future

Needless to say, the time save by ubisend's automation technology was well received. A complex, time-consuming process has been replaced with streamlined automation. And there’s no reason to end here.

The first iteration of their chatbot automates practically the entire process, only requiring manual processing as a final, quality control step. So, what's next?

Our client are planning to fully integrate their HR chatbot with their internal systems. This will further optimise the entire process, giving their management team more time to be spent on what matters.

This project is a fantastic example of what organisations can achieve with ubisend. Identify a niche, complex challenge and create a picture-perfect solution within the conversation builder.

Rather than pigeon-holing you into a solution, ubisend provides the tools you need to achieve the results you want.

Are you facing similar challenges? Talk to an automation and chatbot specialist, and see how the ubisend platform can help you save time and resources. Book a call back now

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