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The HR Chatbot Case Studies Bundle


This bundle will allow you to...

  • Explore creative AI solutions to HR challenges. How are companies solving common HR challenges? Understand how AI and chatbots help them, and how your business can benefit, too.
  • Understand the impact of chatbots in HR. Human resources departments are taking a keen interest in chatbots. Understand how conversational software is positively impacting the industry.
  • Learn from the success of others. Before you take the dive, learn from the journey businesses similar to yours went through with chatbots.

Summary of this bundle of HR case studies

Digital transformation is a priority.

As processes, activities, and competencies are being reviewed, one word is on everybody's mind: chatbots.

This bundle is a collection of HR chatbot case studies, where artificial intelligence was brought in to positively impact the business and solve real challenges.

Learn how chatbots impact the frontline HR department and help satisfy SLAs.

Learn how chatbots revolutionise recruitment at scale.

Learn how chatbots handle unbelievable amounts of data from employee handbooks and other HR documents.

Grab the bundle and get up to speed on the HR tech that's changing the game.

Solving recruitments: casting the net wide with chatbots

Recruitment is not what it used to be. Culture fit and real-word experience matter more to some businesses than diplomas and precise skill sets.

How can a company recruit with that in mind?

In this case study, a chatbot is calibrated to scout for over 100 jobs through natural conversations with potential candidates.

The impact? Over 500 candidates engaged, nurtured, and filtered to result in four hires -- straight from the chatbot.

To learn more, grab the HR Chatbot Case Studies Bundle!