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About ubisend

We are powered by late nights, coffee and our desire to share technology across the world.

Us, in a nutshell

ubisend can trace its roots back to 2001. Since then, we have been operating at the forefront of artificial intelligence and conversational technology to deliver conversations to over eight million people in 24 countries and 26 languages.

We are world leaders in providing the know-how, scalable infrastructure and efficient AI solutions across sectors, from SME to Fortune 500 enterprise.

Enterprise grade chatbot and artificial intelligence solutions are not just about manipulating, using, and storing significant amounts of data. It is not as simple as understanding and solving business problems or making sure various departments can peacefully co-exist.

The right enterprise AI solution is more than just the sum of its parts. It is overarching software and a brand-aware development that supports both practical business functions and unique organisational requirements.

At ubisend, we have been building enterprise level AI solutions for a long time, and we have seen it all. No problem is too big or too small, and nothing makes us happier than solving them.

We use the latest in artificial intelligence and robotic processing automation to enable brands to communicate in machine-led personalised two-way conversations with their data.

Basically, we build humans. The most trainable, dependable, scalable and on-brand humans a company will ever have. Some businesses use our machine-humans to respond to sales enquiries, deal with customer questions or complaints, and others more internally to take the burden off HR or to be a central point of up-to-date information.

What will your machine-human do?

ubisend in numbers

  1. 24 countries

    Our platform, chatbots, and services find users and clients in over 20 countries including United Kingdom, Singapore, USA, and Canada.

  2. 8M+ users

    Over eight million humans use our artificial intelligence solutions every day.

  3. £60M+ saved

    Our chatbot and AI solutions have saved our clients millions of pounds.

Meet the founders

Photo of Dean Withey ubisend

Dean Withey

Chief Executive Officer

As founder and CEO, my role involves thinking ahead and steering the long-term direction of ubisend. I believe digital technology improves lives; sharing access to knowledge is changing the way the world works. ubisend powers conversation and I’m honoured to work with the intelligent people that deliver it.

Photo of Joe Dixon ubisend

Joe Dixon

Chief Technical Officer

As founder and CTO, my role involves leading the engineering team and driving development of the ubisend application. I enjoy solving problems, building out new features and learning new technologies. In my spare time, I love to spend time with my family, travel and, time permitting, do my best to keep fit!

Photo of Alex Debecker ubisend

Alex Debecker

Chief Growth Officer

As founder and CGO, my role involves everything from marketing to sales. I enjoy geeking out on metrics, spending time monitoring dashboards and learning about everything that revolves around growth hacking. I also like playing video games, watching TV series and covering a song or two on my guitar.

Photo of Daphne Metland

Daphne Metland

Chief Content Officer

As founder, medical journalist and behaviour change specialist, my role involves developing new ways to deliver behaviour change content that really, really works. Good content empowers people, and ubisend represents the democratisation of knowledge. I love working with the ubisend team.


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ubisend Ltd.

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0800 368 8885

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