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Seamlessly book in meetings with your customers and service desk

Speaking with customers over the phone can be essential to resolving issues and keeping them happy.

The problem is the sheer number of meetings and calls that need to happen. The phone line constantly ringing is not only frustrating for your service team, as they can't keep up; it is also a pain for your customers who are stuck on hold.

This is where a chatbot can help.

With a chatbot, you can integrate it with your calendars, whether that be on Gmail, Office 365, Calendly or any other service.

Your customers can book a meeting with your service team at a time convenient for them. It's a double win; you are managing your team's workload and setting customer expectations. The customer is confident they will be contacted at a specific time.

You can also make sure the customer enquiry goes to the right team or individual service agent. The chatbot triage's the user, understanding their requirements and qualifying them. It can see what pages they've visited on your app, recent content downloads and other interactions with your business and service desk.

By the time the chatbot-generated service ticket hits the desk, it will be highly detailed, and your team know enough about it to solve the problem.