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Receive constant feedback across all of your initiatives

The feedback can be detailed long-form answers or quick ratings.

Is this working? Are people happy with it? How do we improve?

Knowing the answers to these questions helps customer service departments shatter targets. The issue is, they used to be challenging questions to get answers to.

With ubisend, you gain access to a constant stream of real-time customer feedback.

  • Customers asking your chatbot about your returns process? Ask how happy they are with it.
  • Customers looking for information? Ask if they like how it's provided.
  • Customers looking to speak to a member of your team? Gather feedback on the process.
  • Customers asking for... Ok, you get the point.

No matter the reason customers engage with your chatbot, you can gather feedback from it. The flexibility of ubisend allows you to prompt customers to leave a rating, submit a written reply or complete a survey.

Naturally, you might want to share the results with the world. ubisend allows you to populate your website with customer feedback, or extract it for use in your internal reporting.

As ubisend was designed with GDPR in mind, you can choose how long responses are stored and where.

Long story short, ubisend lets you ask every customer for feedback about whatever your business needs to know.