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Ask your customers to leave a review on a review website

One of the most important ways to stand out from your competition is reviews.

They help your customers understand why your business is the best and what to expect when they purchase with you.

By using the ubisend chatbot platform, you can drive reviews from all of the positive interactions the chatbot receives, whether that be when purchasing a product, asking an FAQ or seeking support.

Every time the user lets the chatbot know that it’s been helpful, you can ask them to leave a review.

From here, you can take them to Trust Pilot, TripAdvisor, Google Reviews and many more. It is an easy and seamless process for your customers to write about why they enjoyed using your service.

You can also utilise the conversation builder to create your own review process for internal use, receiving important metrics about your services.

All of this information and analytics can be viewed in your customised dashboard. Making it easy to create reports for management and service teams.

All of this comes at no extra cost, with a quick and easy set up with your dedicated account manager.