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Automate the sale of telecommunications packages for consumers

Ask your customers what's important to and use that information to present them with your most suitable products.

Consumers are looking for a new way to get real-time customer service right from their phones. Chatbots give users a new way to interact with products and services, tapping into the right emotion and personality to achieve a better customer experience.

When it comes to purchasing or renewing a service package, a user can save time by skipping phone queues and talking to a chatbot. A chatbot service that's always ready and has access to the latest sales and customer information.

Start by building a conversation flow that helps the chatbot understand the types of activity a customer uses their telecom service for.

Do they regularly make international calls to family members or friends? Do they only use their phone on the weekends? Or are they a constant caller?

These are the types of questions you can present to a chatbot user and tailor their exact requirements based on their requirements.