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Boost donations, engagement and subscriptions with a streamer chatbot

Streaming. The modern way to create content. Not just any kind of content, exciting and engagement led content.

When streaming first exploded onto the scene, it made use of advancements in technology to engage and interact with viewers. What's changed? Well, chatbots rocked up.

Chatbots do two things for streamers. They help them make more money and provide audiences with a fun way to engage with their content creator.

When it comes to making more money, audiences can donate and subscribe via your chatbot. Furthermore, chatbots open up chances to upsell creatively. Don't just say you've got a special offer on, have your chatbot share memes or gifs that promote your offer.

Naturally, ubisend connects to all of your gaming and payment services for a seamless service.

Also, your chatbot is always awake. Receive a random subscription when you aren't online? A chatbot ensures audience member won't be left cold after subbing.

Speaking of branding, ubisend gives you complete control over your chatbots brand.

Are you a more out-there, random streamer? You choose how crazy your chatbot can get. More of a professional, sports streamer? Keep your chatbot professional, while injecting the odd bit of your personality.

Chatbots are the only tool that boosts revenue while communicating with your audience. ubisend is the only chatbot platform that takes the needs of streamers into account.