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Allow your customers to find the perfect package

Finding the perfect package can be a daunting task for customers. What speed do they need to carry out their tasks? Do they need fibre-optic broadband? Do they need a data cap or should they go unlimited?

With a chatbot on the ubisend platform, you can make this exercise a seamless and efficient process.

Start by building a conversation flow that gets you the answers to understand the types of activity a customer uses their Internet connection for. Do they use the connection for browsing or email or streaming games? Do they regularly download files? How often are they connected throughout the day?

With the answers to these questions and anything else you need to ask, you are primed to present them with the best products available to suit their needs.

To do this, simply integrate the platform with your product database and query results using the information provided by the potential customer. Return the results to them intuitively and stylishly.

Why stop there? When they find the product they need, allow them to select it and complete the ordering process without leaving the chatbot interface. When it's time to renew, reach back out and let the chatbot take over again.