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Enable people to purchase or extend their parking permits

Parking permits are obligatory in most urban areas in the UK. If you park your car on the curb outside of your house, even if you live there, better have your parking permit on display (and in date!).

While everyone knows this is a requirement, it's not always easy for people -- particularly those who may be new in the area -- to find and buy the right permit.

With ubisend, your council can create a chatbot that will help your inner-city population follow the parking laws to the tee. In a simple conversation, your chatbot can:

  • Gather user geolocation to figure out the city zone they're in.
  • Connect to the council's zone database to display accurate costs based on the person's location.
  • Connect to payment processing to take payment there and then.
  • Connect to the council's CRM to set up reminders and notifications when permits are getting out of date.

On top of this, your chatbot can answer recurring questions your council staff most likely receive every day.

Which permit do I need? Do I need a permit if I park just outside my house? Is there a discount on longer permits?

Your chatbot can answer all these questions automatically, all day, every day. And, when the user has found the answer they're looking for, it can take them through the next steps of ordering and paying for their permits.

All in one simple conversation. Solved!