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Allow people to report unlawful behaviour

No one should ever feel unsafe, whether it is out and about or in their own home. Unfortunately, anti-social behaviour does occur and, when it does, it needs to be reported and dealt with.

Unfortunately, those who dare take the step to report this behaviour are often met with two options: call the police or file an online form.

The first frequently feels intrusive. 'Is my problem something I want to bother the police with?' -- is a frequent thought in people phoning the helpline.

The form is cumbersome, clunky, and doesn't fill you with confidence that anyone will even read it.

With the ubisend platform, you can create an interactive reporting experience with real-time feedback. Your chatbot can:

  • Connect to the local council and police databases to automatically log the concerns in the proper system.
  • Connect to the police database to alert local authorities that may be in the area.
  • Give instant feedback to the person reporting it, making them feel heard and supported.
  • Ask information from the user through a series of conversational questions rather than a massive, ugly form.
  • Follow-up with the user after an action has been taken.

What, on the surface, looks like a simple, supportive conversation is so much more. Provide a feeling of safety while, in the background, the automation ensures the proper procedure is followed, and actions are taken.