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Create a personal shopper for every customer

Losing out on potential sales is an ecommerce cardinal sin.

If an item is out of stock, not quite their size, or not precisely what your customer wants; you may lose a sale.

You can offset this issue by autonomously recommending related or sponsored products to your customers.

Rather than relying on the customer to scroll down the page to find the related items, have a chatbot pop up saying:

'I can see this is out of stock, want to look at some alternatives?'

It's like giving every single website user their own personal shopper.

ubisend's flexible and smart conversation builder enables you to create conversations that trigger on extremely precise events. You can leverage this precision to trigger automated conversations when a specific product is out of stock, a specific URL is reached, or at a specific time of day (great for time-sensitive sales).

The opportunity to boost your revenue through automation is here, it's up to you how you use it.