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Book dentist appointments, view and retrieve appointment times

Ease the pressure on dentist reception staff by rerouting appointment information through a chatbot.

Patients can receive a list of available appointments and choose one that suits them best. They can book appointments directly through the conversational software, without needing to speak to a human.

Appointment availability information can be accessed by integrating with an external database or calendar service and then returned back to patients within the chatbot. Patients can then review or change appointment information at a later date.

The chatbot automatically sends out reminders, and nearer the time, confirms the patient is still planning on attending the appointment. If they say they need to reschedule, the chatbot can even speak to people on a waiting list and see if they'd like a last-minute appointment.

No more dentist thumb-twiddling!

Automating this process will save time and effort for both patients and surgeries and help to improve efficiency and revenue.