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Allow patients to confirm, cancel or reschedule appointments

In your dental practice, there is barely time to breathe. Patients come and go in quick succession, your staff is all-hands on deck at all times, and your timesheet is full.

Everything is organised to a tee. Then, patients default. And everything falls apart.

Time is wasted. Money is lost. More importantly, patients who really could have used that spot are missing out.

Using ubisend, you can build a series of automated conversational processes to limit this burden.

By connecting to your database of patients and appointment calendar, your chatbot can:

  • Reach out to your patients via appropriate and approved messaging channels before their appointment (such as SMS).
  • Ask them to confirm, amend, or cancel their appointment.
  • When appointments are cancelled or amended, your chatbot can reach out to patients on a waiting list.
  • Using smart and real-time segmentation, it reaches out to specific individuals more likely to pick up the slot (geographically close, urgent procedure, etc.).

The second step is the key. The goal is not merely to be aware that a patient is going to default. The goal is to fill that slot with someone who needs it and is available.

Of course, your chatbot is fully compliant to patient privacy laws. Data is pulled directly from your systems, encrypted, and deleted as soon as it no longer serves a purpose.