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Boost sales after prospects view your content

Some leads require a bit more information before they purchase. They download a guide, read a few reviews or watch one of your videos.

Then, you have to hope they come back.

With a chatbot, you can naturally prompt for payment after sharing more information. This cuts down the likelihood a prospect will get sidetracked, stumble onto a competitor or simply forget.

ubisend makes use of smart triggers, allowing you to start conversations based on hundreds of different situations. They've watched a video, downloaded a guide, revisited a guide, asked your chatbot for more information, asked for product reviews; the list goes on.

After prospects digest your content, your chatbot can prompt for payment in a natural manner. It can guide them through the process with ease, helping improve their relationship with your brand.

ubisend supports a range of payment processors, allowing your customers to pay in a way that suits both them and you.

Taking payments via your chatbot is a secure, natural way to increase sales.