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WooCommerce Integration

Connect ubisend with WooCommerce, and you'll have an automated, always online and up-to-date selling superstar on your website 24 hours a day seven days per week.

Talk to us

Ask for the best deals

Send a slack message when a product is almost out of stock

Alert customers when a new product comes out

Present a user with a list of products

Allow a user to leave a product review

Users can view their purchase history

Users most recently viewed items

Add a new payment method

Look at shopping cart

Edit your shopping cart

Update your account information

Direct a customer to a suitable product on your store

Provide detailed shipping information 24 hours a day

Provide delivery information on a purchase

Provide a quote for a bespoke order

Offer new customers introductory offers

Send a user a notification when their order has been shipped

Check the stock level of a certain product

Buy a product

Send an abandoned cart reminder

Subscribe to in stock reminders

Send in stock reminder

Send discount codes

Upsell. Upsell. Upsell

Cross-sell. Cross-sell. Cross-sell

Grow your mailing list

Start, renew, update, or cancel membership fee

Search for specific products

Take orders from customers on your social networks