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Webinar: How to Create Highly Engaging Experiences with Full Page Chatbots


This webinar about creating engaging experiences with a full page chatbot was hosted on Thursday, June 10. It is now available on demand, fill out the form above to access to the recording.

What if creating an impactful chatbot started with leveraging a truly eye-catching and immersive channel?

Dive head-first into a new world of possibilities with full page chatbots.

In this webinar, you will discover how ubisend's unique full page chatbot channel is revolutionising the chatbot experience. And how you can start reaping its benefits, too.

Among others, we will cover the following topics:

  • What is a full page chatbot -- a quick glimpse at the unique characteristics of this channel (spoiler alert: it's full page).
  • The advantages of this unique channel -- what makes full page chatbots stand out.
  • Results and use cases -- the impact of a full page channel on engagement, completion rate, and more.
  • Demonstration and adaptability -- the simplicity of building full page chatbots within the ubisend platform.

This webinar was live on Thursday, June 10. Grab the recording today.