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Give employees all the information they need whenever they want it

At ubisend, we often say that we now live in an on-demand society, and this is the same for the workplace too, especially human resources.

With the ubisend platform, you can provide on-demand service to your employees with chatbot technology. They can access policy documents, book annual leave or sickness, and ask general questions that they'd normally send to your HR team.

Your employees can find all the information they need, whether they are at their desk, working from home or on the sofa at 9 pm on a Friday.

Not only does this enhance the employee experience, but it also offers additional support to your HR team. They are freeing up their time so they can focus on hitting SLAs and spending more time dealing with the more critical tasks and requests.

This doesn't block the communication between the employees and HR.

The chatbot can facilitate a conversation via live chat (if you choose to enable it), schedule in times to speak with HR, leave a message and much more, it's entirely customisable to fit your needs and current processes.