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Use case

HR Advisor Chatbot

Discover how our clients use our platform to create an HR advisor chatbot.
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ubisend hr robot
Hello! What can I help you with today?
How many days of holidays do I have left?
You have 22 days left of holiday this year.
Can I book time off?
You can book through me. When is the first day of your holiday?

First-class service to your employees

Discover the chatbot platform that makes it all possible

Our clients use our extensible platform to create HR advisor chatbots, and much more. Book a tour with one of our experts.
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hr chatbot overview
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A frequently asked question database

To take care of all inbound enquiries, turn your chatbot into a central hub of HR knowledge. Any queries or tasks it can't handle are passed to the relevant HR member for their unique human expertise.

Give your employees and HR reps their time back.

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Graceful human handover

Dictate when and how your chatbot hands over complex HR cases.

Don't want to leave the platform? You don't have to. It is fully loaded with CRM features, allowing your HR rep to deal with enquiries there and then.

Would rather integrate the chatbot into your HR processes? No problem. Use ubisend's platform APIs to connect what needs to be connected to get the job done.

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No-code, no problem

Ready to start? So are we.

Our chatbot platform allows you to hit the ground running. Get set up and start answering your employees' questions automatically.

Your installation comes with a carefully picked set of pre-built features including dashboard, metrics, customisable branding, website widget, and more.

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World-class artificial intelligence technology

To provide an excellent conversational experience, our chatbot platform is powered by extensive artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology.

You retain full control over its language and personality.

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Analytics & reporting

The chatbot platform is a management suite that includes pre-built dashboards and metrics tracking. Need more? Create your own set of metrics.

Measure your HR chatbot's performance using the KPIs your business cares about.

  • FAQs triggered
  • User feedback rating
  • Human fallback triggered
  • Progress charts

And many more...

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Cloud-hosted & secure

Your chatbot and management suite are cloud-hosted (self-hosted is available), allowing deployment in record time. This also ensures your solution benefits from every performance or feature update we perform across our client base.

We take security and data protection very seriously.

  • ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials certified
  • No external AI providers (Google, Facebook, Amazon etc.)
  • Secure code repositories
  • Deployment to specific services and locations (custom)
  • Deployment into your data perimeter (custom)
  • Deployment onto your own servers (custom)

Read our security & data protection measures.


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