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Bespoke HR Chatbot

Lead the digital transformation and revolutionise employee experience. Your HR chatbot handles the mundane so your team can focus on what matters.
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Hello! What can I help you with today?
I need to know how many holidays I have left this year. Also, how do I book time off?
You have 22 days left of holiday this year. You can book through me. Would you like to book time off?
Yes please, 7 days starting next Monday.
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Features & benefits of an HR Chatbot

Free up HR time and resources

Your HR chatbot takes care of inbound enquiries, instantly answering and taking people through standard processes. Any queries or tasks it can't handle are passed to the relevant HR member for their unique human expertise.
Immediately get up to 40% of your team's time back.
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Your problems are unique, like our solution

Your solution is built from the ground-up following your exact requirements and KPIs. This includes any custom third-party integrations, metrics and even on-premise deployment.
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