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Free up resources and get to the more important things

We use artificial intelligence to automate responses to your (many) routine questions so you can be there for people when they need to chat.

Get your HR chatbot

Research shows that between 30-50% of HR time is spent responding to internal questions

Some of the employees at companies we've worked with had to wait up to three days for a response from HR.

Your HR team is inundated with phone calls and emails from staff who would rather ask than self-serve.

We use technology to learn the answers to your most common questions and teach your chatbot to answer them instantly. 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

Imagine having the time to do more of the human side of HR. Get back the time to strategise, plan, recruit and manage talent; the time to envision the future rather than react to it.

ubiHR enables you to focus on what matters

Automate responses to inbound enquiries

Your most important assets are your employees. How do your employees feel when they have to wait to get help from within their own company? Unloved and undervalued.

You know the answer to their question is in the employee handbook or on the depths of your intranet. Imagine how happy they would be and productive your team would be if they were given the answer right away.

Your HR chatbot takes care of inbound enquiries, instantly answering the low hanging fruit. Any queries or tasks it can't handle are passed to the relevant HR member for their unique human expertise.

HR chatbot automating internal enquiries

Conversational, helpful, accurate

Your HR chatbot is not another complicated self-service platform. It integrates into your current intranet or website backend; getting information from HR is as simple as having a conversation.

As well as being there to help 24/7, your HR chatbot is always accurate. How often do people update the docs but forget to upload to the central hub (that no one reads)? No more.

Become data-driven and learn the questions people frequently ask. Spot trends, deal with problems before they arise and make your monthly reporting easy-peasy.

HR chatbot conversational help

The one-on-one help they deserve

Finally get responses to those staff surveys, accurately report to the c-suite and have a conversation trail ready for internal and external audits.

Regions and locales will always have different laws, legislation and customs. Centralise information and knowledge by rolling out a solution for all, or compartmentalise and specialise the technology into benefits, payroll, locations, etc.

Aside from the efficiency and timesaving for the HR team, think of the productivity increase and 'hassle reduction' for employees. No more trawling the intranet or reading employee handbooks. It's accurate information, on demand.

HR chatbont one on one assistance

Improve communication across the company

Once the burden of inbound communication has been reduced, what other things could your HR team be doing? Talent management, employee relations, recruitment, offering strategy to the board? How about just having more time to be available?

Let's talk about your HR AI assistant
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    Personalised interactions

    No robotic coldness. Your HR chatbot interacts just like human, a fellow employee, a friend.

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    A pulse for the company

    Monitor problems and morale. All data is encrypted, protected and stored, ready for reporting and analysis.

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    Always on top

    Our advanced integrations and machine learning algorithms keep your chatbot constantly up to date.

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    Claim back your time

    Get your time back and give employees their time back. Increase productivity across all departments.

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    Centralised documentation

    All knowledge in one place. Handbooks, policies, forms and documents. 'Can I have a NDA template?' 'I need a new starter form.' You get the idea...

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    Your personal HR assistant

    Your employee needs a human? No problem. Your HR chatbot sets meetings, sends a notification and steps aside.

Every ubiHR solution is shipped with a monitoring tool and data analytics dashboard.

ubisend’s HR, sales, and customer support chatbots are powerful alone – but they’re even better together

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ubiHR is the best way to save precious HR resources and fulfill your employees' on-demand enquiry expectations.

It helps increase productivity across the board by automating responses to the low hanging fruit, answering questions instantly and constantly learning to stay up-to-date on the latest policies.



ubiSELL learns all about your products and gives your audience the guidance they need to find the right fit.

Thanks to our advanced machine learning algorithms, your sales chatbot knows what products to cross- or up-sell, and does so at the right time, 24/7.



Add ubiSERVE to offer your customers the experience they deserve by combining the power of our three chatbot solutions.

Give your internal HR team the help they need, educate your customers about your products and services, and offer them the support they demand; all through an intelligent chat interface.

ubisend Dashboard

A wonderful way to reach my audience

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We integrated mobile messaging to send out weekly offers to our 100,000 user database. With a 47% click rate, it worked wonders.

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