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Support your support team with a helpful chatbot

Sometimes, even the customer support team needs a little... support.

Even while dealing with tens or hundreds of customer tickets every day, some things remain uncertain. Does this product come in red? Can this customer have access to this feature? Do we provide free shipping during the holidays?

Suppose you're not quite ready to let a chatbot handle these customer enquiries directly. Why don't you start by leveraging the technology internally?

Turn your resource pages into a helpful chatbot and make it accessible by your service team. As customers come in and ask them questions, if a rep is struggling to answer, they ask the chatbot.

Connect your chatbot to the resource and customer databases. This ensures the chatbot will only ever give your support team information that is relevant to the customer.

Thanks to the conversational aspect of the chatbot, and its direct connection to your knowledge base, your customer service team can gather information quicker and easier than manually trawling through a support portal.

The cherry on top? All these interactions between your staff and the chatbot help the chatbot learn. After some time, its confidence in answering questions will be so high; you will feel more than happy to let it serve your customers.