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Give each agent a mentor that doesn't take a break

Customer service often faces two key challenges - high staff turnover and an ever-changing environment.

Much resource is spent training new starters and upskilling staff. With ubisend, you bring this cost right down.

ubisend enables you to provide new starters with instant access to learning materials and broadcast new documents across an entire team.

Using ubisend, you can automate:

  • Answering the 'how do I do this again' questions.
  • Sharing new guides and documents across the team.
  • Answering the follow-up questions new starters often have once they've settled in.
  • Training staff of new processes as they move into different areas. And more.

To put it simply, whatever training process your customer service agents go through when starting or during their career, ubisend lets you automate it.

As a customer service environment is fluid and ever-changing, the ubisend platform can be updated at a moment's notice.

Need to brief your team on a new website bug? Broadcast the solution via your chatbot and add an answer in case anyone loses the helpsheet.

A new wave of agents finished their onboarding? Your chatbot acts as a personal mentor while they settle in, answering any questions they may have without impacting the rest of the team.