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Answer every FAQ without lifting a finger

There are too many questions and (usually) too few agents.

On top of that, there's pressure to increase efficiencies and customers are getting more demanding.

Enter chatbots.

Chatbots and customer service are a match made in heaven. The repetitive, FAQ-style questions that clog up your team and eat up your resources are second nature to a chatbot.

After creating a chatbot, simply add it to the channel that best fits your customer base (with ubisend, you can add your chatbot to any channel you want).

Then, watch as it answer your customers' FAQs in a matter of seconds. All while helping users reset their password, sharing order information and providing product updates.

This frees up your team's time and resources, better spent helping customers who need a little extra support, while the repetitive workload remains automated.

Customer service departments use ubisend to create custom chatbots that are trained in their exact niche. Whatever you need your agents to know, your chatbot can know it as well.

Plus, live chat is included at no extra cost. It's an unlimited platform, literally.