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Streamline your onboarding experience with an automated conversation

Do you have a manual process for customer onboarding in place? Are you happy the process is working? If so, it sounds like it might be time to automate that process with a chatbot.

When your customer signs up to your product or service, a conversational chatbot is a great way to engage and teach them how to use it efficiently and effectively (and not churn!).

You can define both a conversational flow, but also give users the ability to ask freeform questions along the way. This ensures the best of both worlds. You can rest assured the information you need to pass on is done so in the tone and manner of your choosing, and you can also allow your customers to satisfy their curiosity.

Suppose you have more than one product or service which require different onboarding experiences. In that case, the ubisend platform is geared up for this too.

You can even update your internal systems as and when customers reach certain milestones within the onboarding flow. For instance, imagine you need to contact someone when they take a particular branch of the onboarding flow. Set up an integration with your CRM and trigger a notification to your team to get in touch.