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Use case

Frontline Support Chatbot

Discover how our clients use our platform to create a frontline support chatbot.
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ubisend service robot
What problem was there with your order?
The jumper I ordered came damaged, both the packaging and the item itself. I want a refund.
I'm sorry to hear your jumper arrived damaged, let's get that sorted out for you. First of all, what's the order number?
Okay, it was order UBI-020316

Help your customers help themselves

Discover the chatbot platform that makes it all possible

Our clients use our extensible platform to create frontline support chatbots, and much more. Book a tour with one of our experts.
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customer service chatbot overview
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A central database of FAQs

Teach your chatbot everything it needs to know about your product or services. Thanks to its extensive database of FAQs, your chatbot can answer most of your customers' questions out of the box.

The ubisend chatbot platform allows you to create an unlimited number of FAQs. Create the solution you need to improve your customers' experience.

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Live chat

When necessary, your chatbot can gracefully handover to a human. By stepping aside, your team can takeover using a simple live chat interface.

The platform allows your service reps to handle customers right there and then. Alternatively, you can use the platform's APIs to connect with a different live chat service.

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Hit the ground running

Your customers need help now.

Our chatbot platform allows you to hit the ground running. Get set up in record time, access your chatbot management suite, and start helping your customers straight away.

Your installation comes with a carefully picked set of pre-built features including dashboard, metrics, customisable branding, website widget, and more.

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Your chatbot, your brand

Brand consistency is important, particularly when communicating with customers.

To ensure you retain control, your chatbot's appearance and conversational UI is fully customisable to reflect your brand. Amongst others, you have control over:

  • Widget
  • Launcher
  • Speech bubbles
  • Banners and CTAs
  • Language and tone of voice
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Analytics & reporting

Monitor the metrics that matter to you.

The chatbot platform is a management suite that enables you to track any metrics relevant to your business.

Measure your chatbot's performance via the KPIs your business cares about.

  • FAQs triggered
  • User feedback rating
  • Human fallback triggered
  • Progress charts

And many more...

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Cloud-hosted & secure

Your chatbot and management suite are cloud-hosted (self-hosted is available), allowing record time deployment. This also ensures your solution benefits from every performance or feature update we perform across our client base.

We take security and data protection very seriously.

  • ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials certified
  • No external AI providers (Google, Facebook, Amazon etc.)
  • Secure code repositories
  • Deployment to specific services and locations (custom)
  • Deployment into your data perimeter (custom)
  • Deployment onto your own servers (custom)

Read our security & data protection measures.


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