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Help people separate their rubbish and help the environment

Rubbish segregation is now a requirement in most countries. We separate plastic from paper, cans from bottles, dry from wet.

Every country, region, council, and individual do their part to limit the negative impact of our waste on the environment.

But, all these rules make things more complicated. Does plastic go in the blue or the black bin? What about a plastic takeaway box? Do pizza boxes go into recycling, or are they too greasy?

With ubisend, you can create a chatbot to answer all these questions.

Your chatbot can:

  • Be powered with all the intricate rules behind rubbish segregation.
  • Answer specific questions. Pizza box? Black bin.
  • Connect to your council database.
  • Connect to user location.
  • Answer questions about upcoming rubbish pickups.

With a simple conversation, people can find out what they need to do with a specific item and when to put the bins out.

Of course, your chatbot knows all there is to know about your local processes. It doesn't just answer bog-standard questions. It truly provides recommendations on, for instance, local waste disposal sites and their opening hours.