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Help students settle into their studies and find new social activities

Starting the journey as a university student is daunting.

They have to meet and live with new people, take the step up in their education, and often move away from home for the first time in their lives.

This is where non-academic activities play a massive part in helping them adjust and enjoy their life as a university student.

With the ubisend platform, you can create a chatbot dedicated to helping students find the right activates for them to take part in whilst on campus.

Usually managed by the Student Union, these types of chatbots showcase events, teams, leisure activities, clubs or learning activities. Students can find out about them, check availability and book themselves on to events to keep them busy and socialising, all through the chatbot.

You can place this chatbot online, in their student portal or on social channels, making it easy and accessible for all students whatever device they are using. It can also be multi-lingual to help who travelled from overseas who may need more social support.

Having a chatbot for this use case creates an informative and comfortable experience for every student. It's the perfect tool to help them find what is right for them and settle into their new life.