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Facilitate customers to find the shortest journey and book their trip

Streamline that experience by making it possible from a single conversation

Travel booking can be a cumbersome and frustrating task. What is the shortest way to get from A to B. Can I get there by bus? Is it cheaper to go by train or Uber? Is there a cycle track?

All of this frustration can be taken away with a chatbot from ubisend.

Build a conversation flow that allows users to enter their start and end destinations. Once you have this information, you can integrate directly with your planning engine and return the results to your user in an intuitive fashion.

Include maps, journey times, costs and images to set your customers expectations of exactly what they should expect.

Once your customer has their journey set, the chatbot can take them all the way through the payment process.

Everything from taking their personal information to making payment. All without leaving the chatbot interface. Once their booking is made, send them a detailed itinerary, tickets and receipts.

If your customer has questions, your ubisend chatbot can maintain a knowledge base of FAQs which it uses to respond to their question in an instant.

Your customer is left feeling thrilled with the service they have received.