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Engage with younger audiences through a medium that suits them

Chatbots are becoming an increasingly powerful tool for religious organisations.

Sharing messages, promoting events, inspiring the community - these are vital activities for any religious organisation. Chatbots enhance your capabilities of doing so, with a specific appeal to younger audiences that have grown up with the technology.

Maybe you want to promote an upcoming gathering? Your chatbot can share information about the event and take bookings.

Your chatbot can broadcast messages, allowing you to share inspiration with a broad group instantly and at any time.

They can also help inform the curious. When someone asks your chatbot a question, it can provide answers plus links to more information. These might be your pamphlets, your website or even a video you've made.

Using ubisend, you can engage with new and current members of your organisation at any time. For young people, the messaging channel feels natural and familiar, and the instant nature is helpful for any late-night messages.

For religious organisations that focus on charity work and helping the vulnerable, the ubisend platform allows you to expand your reach and capabilities through innovative technology.