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Automate the organising of property visits

The housing market has become chaotic. With the right chatbot, you can regain control over your day.

Organising property visits is a time-consuming part of any estate agent's day.

Through your chatbot, buyers can browse your listings and ask for more information. Once they've found one they like, they can choose a time that best suits you and them to view the property.

You'll receive an email, a direct message or a notification (whatever is easiest for you) informing you of the booking.

For some properties, you might want to qualify buyers before they set up a viewing. This can all be done in a simple chatbot conversation. Your chatbot will ask buyers a few questions and use their responses to either organise a viewing or recommend alternative properties.

You have complete control over the data collected by your chatbot and how long your chatbot stores it, ensuring you remain GDPR compliant.

With ubisend, you provide potential buyers with a slick, modern service and provide your team with some much-needed respite.