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Allow clients to check the status of their job

Naturally, clients want regular updates on how things are progressing.

"Is the content still under review? When will I hear back?"

"How long till it goes to print?"

"What gsm did we go for again?"

Answering these questions in a friendly and timely manner is paramount for the reputation of your business. The thing is, these questions shouldn't be taking up your team's time.

Whenever someone has to stop to reply to a repetitive email, answer a 'just a quick question' phone call or send a DM, time is lost. The longer it takes one of your team to get round to this low-value activity, the more significant the impact on your relationship with that customer.

Using ubisend, you can answer these questions instantly. Publishers use ubisend so they can:

  • Free up their team's time, allowing more time to be spent on high-value activities.
  • Provide their clients with access to instant information whenever they need it.
  • Integrate with any of their own, or 3rd party, data sources (such as printers, account systems etc).
  • Provide a personalised experience to help grow relationships. And more.

As every business is unique, ubisend focuses on giving companies the tools they need to solve their challenges.

ubisend can integrate with anything, has no limit on usage (at all) and can be scaled to tackle multiple challenges within the company. Where will you start?