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Alert clients on better deals for their mortgage

A house is most likely to be the largest purchase an individual ever makes. Making the right, the financially sound, mortgage decision is a must.

Unfortunately, the mortgage application process is also often a stressful time. It might be the first time they go through this process. It's a lot of information, all at once, about things we may not understand.

It's much pressure.

Use the ubisend platform to build a chatbot that will help alleviate this pressure by:

  • Offer access to a wealth of information about the process itself. It will answer questions about key concepts, explain the rules and regulations, and more.
  • Offer a mortgage calculator to help visualise the payments.
  • Connect to mortgage databases to recommend the best available deals.
  • Set up reminders to shop for new mortgages at the end of a term.

As your chatbot interacts with its users, it learns about their desired location, their financial requirements, and the mortgage specifics they are after. With this information, it can recommend options that are genuinely relevant to them -- instead of not-relevant offers that only bring more noise and stress to the experience.

Whether you are a first-time or a seasoned buyer, getting a mortgage is an important thing to get right. Put your customers at ease with a friendly, conversational, and reassuring chatbot.