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Clarify legal English terms to clients without lifting a finger

Legal English may be a second language to you, but, to many, it is incredibly foreign. Even the simplest, everyday words might have a brand new meaning when used in certain parts of an agreement.

To add a layer of complexity, the same word used on various agreements may have a different meaning.

With ubisend, build a chatbot that helps your clients understand critical concepts in their legal paperwork without wasting your precious time.

Your chatbot can:

  • Connect to the latest database of legal definitions.
  • Connect to an internal database containing your clients' information and their specific legal proceedings.
  • Deliver relevant definitions and plain-English explanations of key terms present in their paperwork.

The goal with this chatbot is to make information available. It's about allowing your clients to use everyday English to ask questions and receive familiar English responses.

When a client asks a question, your chatbot knows how to explain a term in a way that relates to the specific client.

Of course, the chatbot can also receive feedback and change requests. As your clients go through the documents, they can ask for changes in real-time, and your chatbot communicates the changes to you and your team.